Doctors and Staff

The Doctors

Dr Daniel W. Jefferies

Dr Layo Osoba

Dr Neelum Saleemi

Dr Taiba Yousaf

Dr Izzy Weli

Dr Sanjay Kumar

Dr Chinmayi 


Trainee Doctors

This practice is currently registered to offer our patients GP Trainees and 2nd year foundation doctors (FY2) which may from time to time be working in the practice.

These qualified doctors are gaining experience of general practice before finalising their specialty pathway. These doctors will have slightly longer consulting times.

If you would like to see a trainee doctor please let the receptionist know.

If you would prefer to see one of our regular GPs and would not like to see an trainee doctor please let the receptionist know.

The Health Centre Team

Practice Manager

Jeanette Corps

Dispensary Manager

Sharon Broomfield

The staff of the Health Centre are there to help you. Please be patient when they are busy. Should you have any queries or suggestions about non-medical aspects of your care, please ask to speak to the practice manager or assistant practice manager. Alternatively we do have a suggestion box in reception and a comments box here on our website.

Practice Nurses

Jayne Hulme RGN, Lisa Down RGN and Lucy Rayner RGN

The practice nurses run asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, family planning, cervical smear, non-smoking and other specialised clinics in conjunction with the partners. They run health checks on newly registered patients who need repeat prescriptions and assist with certain clinical procedures, by appointment only. They also man the treatment room with the health care assistant for dressings, injections and vaccinations and occasional ear syringing.

Health Care Assistant

Nicky Taylor & Deborah Ringrose

The health care assistant are trained phlebotomist who also undertake ECGs and INR checks. They also assist the nursing team with various clinics and assist the doctors with certain minor operations carried out within the practice.

Health Care Co-ordinator

Nicky Taylor & Deborah Ringrose

Health Visitors

Health visitors are particularly interested in preventative care and offer advice on the health of mothers and babies, children, the elderly and the handicapped. They can be contacted on 01342 332983.

Community Nurses

Community nurses see patients on home visits.

Community Midwife

The community midwife undertakes maternity care with your doctor. Messages may be left at the health centre (01342 713031) or by telephoning 01444 441 881 extension 8414 or 8418, 8.30 – 9.30am, Monday to Friday.

Community Psychiatric Nurse

The community psychiatric nurse cares for patients with emotional and psychological problems. Messages may be left at the health centre (01342 713031) or by telephoning 01342 326928 (Springvale Community Mental Health Centre).

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