Non NHS Services

The Surgery provides a range of private services in addition to NHS services. This list is for guidance and includes the most commonly requested services.

Rate for Private GP Work per hour £176.50


Private sicknote £14.50
Passport Form/photograph/driving licence £20.00
Freedom from infection certificate £14.50
Vaccination certificates/Health Assessment Forms £14.50
Fitness to travel certificate/Housing Association letter £24.50 - £51.50
(based on 176.50/hour)


Holiday cancellation and Insurance Claim form (e.g. BUPA/PPP) £24.50-£51.50
(based on 176.50/hour)
School fees insurance claim/skiing/shot gun licence £24.50-£51.50
(based on 176.50/hour)
Ofsted health declaration form £24.50-£74.00
(based on 176.50/hour)
Data Protection Act Access Report (from 17.7.12) £50.00
(full copy notes)
PMA Report £97.00
(BMA guidance 2012/2013 = £100)
Additional Information £40.00
(BMA guidance 2012/2013 for Supplementary Report) £26.00


Copies of reports for patients under Access to Health Records Act 1990
Access to Records under Data Protection Act £10.00 computerised records only £50.00 manual or combined
Photocopies 50p per side

Medical Examinations

RTA first Dr providing treatment to victim £21.30
Pre-employment medicals with report £164.50
HGV/LPV/PCV/taxi examination £115.00
Elderly driver fitness certificate with medical £132.00
Sports medicals examination with report £132.00
Racing driver fitness certificate with medical £132.00
Fit to attend school examination £132.00
Adoption Medical £90.50
Army Medical £65.00

Private Prescription

Private Prescription fee £10.00

Travel Vaccinations

Course of vaccinations for travel abroad (non NHS) See travel clinic (some are free)
Hep B (course of 3 injections) £75.00 course
(blood test free confirming status)
Yellow Fever for pts registered at CDHC (incl. temp) £50.00
Yellow Fever for private patients £50.00 plus £42.00 consultation fee
Private Blood Test for Blood Grouping £39.35 (see protocol)


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