GP Patient Survey

The GP Patient Survey is an independent survey run by Ipsos MORI on behalf of NHS England. The survey is sent out to over a million people across the UK. The results show how people feel about their GP practice.

Why is this survey taking place?

The GP Patient Survey has been designed to give patients the opportunity to comment on their experience of their GP practice. The survey asks about your experiences of your local GP surgery and other local NHS services, and includes questions about your general health. The survey includes questions about a range of issues, such as how easy or difficult it is for patients to make an appointment at their surgery, satisfaction with opening hours, the quality of care received from their GP and practice nurses, amongst other things. Replies to the survey will help surgeries understand where improvements are needed. This survey is an opportunity for patients to have their say about how well their practice is doing at providing these services to patients.

Who is this actually from?

Ipsos MORI, an independent survey agency, is administering the survey on behalf of NHS England.

What is NHS England?

NHS England is an arm's length body of the Department of Health with the main aim of improving the health outcomes for people in England. It has commissioned Ipsos MORI to run the GP Patient Survey. You can find out more about NHS England on its website.

When is the survey sent out?

The survey is sent out twice a year - in January and July.

Why is this survey happening again?

The GP Patient Survey continues to provide a means for patients to feedback their experiences and preferences in respect of the care and services provided by their GP practice. Even if you completed a questionnaire last year it is important to hear about your more recent experiences, and this year we have also included more questions about the issues that concern patients.

Who designed the questionnaire?

The core of this questionnaire was developed by Ipsos MORI in conjunction with the University of Exeter Medical School and the General Practice and Primary Care Research Unit at the University of Cambridge.

What is Ipsos MORI?

Ipsos MORI is a registered and independent survey organisation and strictly adheres to the Market Research Society's ethical code of conduct. Ipsos UK and MORI, who you may have heard of separately, merged in October 2005 to form the second largest research organisation in the UK. Ipsos MORI was awarded the new international process Standard ISO 20252 and the International Standard for Information Security ISO 27001 by the accredited assessment body Marketing Quality Assurance (MQA), the first survey agency in the world to achieve both of these standards. For more information about Ipsos MORI please go to

To view the results of Crawley Down Health Centre click here.

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